8 Essentials for a Life of Significance (Student Leadership University Study Guide)

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For over 20 years, Dr. Jay Strack has been working with young Christian leaders throughout the U.

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The topics chosen for the Student Leadership University St Only applies to orders shipped within the Continental U. Strack has developed over the years and address tough questions that young people are asking today. In this study guide, Dr. Strack and Ron Luce will take the student on a journey through the lives of teens such as David, Joseph, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, Timothy, Mary, and others to discover what it takes to really make a difference in the world around you.

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If you wish to be notified by email when this product becomes available for ordering, please complete the form below:. Product Detail:. Ships Business Days. Qualifies for Free Shipping:. Sources of Information for Study. Learn what is meant by, and the importance of, primary, secondary and tertiary documents and how you may source such information in a library or online. Styles of Writing.

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By understanding different writing styles you can put what you read into perspective. This page covers the main writing styles that you are likely to come across, including academic, journal, and journalistic styles.

Effective Reading. When studying, it is likely that you will need to read a lot of information — and you will wish to use this time effectively as possible by developing your reading skills. Discover ways that you can engage with your reading, form links, understand opinions and put ideas and research into perspective.

In short, develop your reading skills. Critical Reading and Reading Strategies. This page explains what is meant by critical reading and critical thinking — skills which are fundamental to true learning, personal development and advancement. The page also covers how to develop a personal reading strategy and use SQ3R to help you manage your reading.

Learning to take notes effectively is not only important to study but also in many other situations, at work and in your personal life. Planning an Essay. It pays to carefully think about and plan an essay or other piece of written work before you start writing.

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This page provides you with a framework for planning which will help ensure your work is relevant, well-constructed and produced efficiently. Essay Writing. Learn about the processes involved in writing an essay, or other piece of assessed work. Avoid common mistakes and follow best practice to help ensure that the work you produce is of a high quality. How to Write a Dissertation or Thesis.

8 Essentials for a Life of Significance

Working on a dissertation, thesis or other research project can be the most challenging part of study. Our guide offers practical advice and explains how to work on each part of a research document, including:. Academic Referencing. Learning how to reference correctly is vital if you are a student.

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As a learner you will be required to engage with theory, but exactly what is a theory? A theory is an attempt to provide understanding - theories attempt to answer the question, 'why? Learn more about theories and how they are usually developed. Assignment Finishing Touches. Before you submit your assignment for school, university or work, run through a series of final checks.