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The foliage tends to provide more of the visual interest compared to blooms. A little extra water is helpful in dry climates, but dry shade can be planted attractively as well. Xeriscape includes a variety of styles, but often integrates lawn areas with planting areas with other ground covers, filled with lower-water plants.

4 (More) Garden Styles to Inspire Your 2018 Garden

Xeriscape celebrates the balance between areas based on use and environment. When a storm comes through, these features direct and collect water, letting it slowly sink into the soil instead of running off. They are compatible with a lot of landscape styles. A rain garden is defined by a berm or dug-out area that collects storm water.

They are usually planted with low-water plants that can tolerate being wet for a few hours or days at a time as water slowly infiltrates down. A dry creekbed often is combined with a rain garden and only has flowing water during storms. Prairie garden styles tend to celebrate the native plants of the Great Plains, with some supplements. The experience of these gardens tends to be excellent — tall showy grasses backlit in the afternoon sun, waving in the wind with bright yellows, magentas, and purples punctuating the scene.

7 Flower Garden Designs You'll Love

The plants tend to be happy in full sun and poor soil, with intermittent watering. This style tends to have rich materials in hardscape areas, with border plantings. The plantings tend to be full, colorful, playful, modern, and full of interesting plant varieties. They sometimes celebrate a few unique plants as focal points, such as a succulent, agave, red maple, or evergreen.

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Shrubs, terracotta, planters, vines, succulents, and fine gravel are common. Colors tend to be in an earthy palette with shocks of color — red, orange, blue, purple, and silver tones are common. In colder climates, gardeners sometimes have planters with showy warm-weather plants that they bring in for the winter. These gardens celebrate the beautiful plants and materials of the Mountain West, from the foothills to the Colorado Plateau. Sandstone, boulders, evergreen trees, yucca and agave, columbines, and decorative grasses are commonly used in this style. Rock Gardens can integrate rocks of different sizes and types, including everything from gravel to boulders. They work well with retaining walls and sloped areas, stabilizing the slope while being decorative and integrating plantings.

Crevice gardens are a type of rock garden where longer, thinner stones are dug parallel into the dirt in a formation. The narrow spaces between the rocks hold a variety of plantings. The type of plants chosen for shape and texture and how they are arranged are vital in creating a contemporary atmosphere. Contact Us. Water Features Water features add an important sensory element bringing cool sensations of movement, sound and reflection.

Whether formal or informal, rustic, classic or contemporary, simple or intricate, there is always a place for water.

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Country Gardens Homes in the countryside, offer an opportunity to create a garden oasis within the stunning backdrop of a rustic indigenous scene. Mediterranean By careful consideration of plants and materials, and taking advantage of the Algarve light and climate, we create the perfect platform for a mediterranean atmosphere in your garden - whether formal or informal.

Low Water Low water gardens improve consumption without losing the aesthetic quality of the design.

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The design solutions fall into three broad categories: plant material, variety of surface materials and irrigation systems. Through the use of plants, adapted to the Mediterranean climate, combined with inert materials such as areas of pavement, gravel, pebbles, stone or decking, we can achieve a balanced solution, sustainable and stylish, for your garden.

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