Handbook of Academic Writing for Librarians REVISED EDITION

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Instead, its sole goal is to help librarians and other information science professionals start writing, identify an outlet for publication, and publish successfully. This book will guide aspiring authors step-by-step through the writing and publication process, from nurturing an idea to fruition all the way to enjoying a successful publication.

Along the way, readers will learn how to identify the best publication type and venue, gather the needed information to make a convincing argument, and skillfully manage even the most complex project.

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Topics range from cerebral such as how to maintain motivation through a project to technical such as common grammar and vocabulary errors , but all are designed to be practical and of immediate use to a writer. Whether a graduate student at the beginning of your career in the field of information sciences, a newly minted librarian fresh out of graduate school, a library administrator at the peak of your career, or somewhere in between, publishing can keep you engaged in the issues facing the profession and enhance your career and professional success.

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Readers will be inspired and ready to contribute to library scholarship and start building their own successful scholarly habit. Series: Practical Guides for Librarians.

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Preface Part 1: Should I really do this? This is a useful addition to the library literature.

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To acquire an academic language means to develop a new identity within one's discipline, utilizing both the written and spoken word. The writing centre at the UiO aims to support writers in their academic identity formation processes, and not simply "fix the text" of an assignment. Through activities such as consultations, writing workshops and various arrangements, we aim to become a "home for writing".

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The writing mentors are skilled and highly motivated students. Some of our writing mentors are native English speakers.

She has a cross-disciplinary background, including writing studies and a PhD in the philosophy of education. Would you like to work at the writing centre? We are currently looking for students in the sciences.

Handbook of Academic Writing for Librarians—REVISED EDITION

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