Hardy Boys 56: The Jungle Pyramid (The Hardy Boys)

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Frank and Joe Hardy are the sons of the famous Well, I started reading this one in Costa Rica on vacation and this book was great. I might be ordering another one from Border's because an animal got into it and bent the spine of the book slightly The Jungle Pyramid. Franklin W.

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Jungle Pyramid Book Review and Ratings by Kids - Franklin W. Dixon

Reviews Rated 1 out of 5 by Mr. A from A Complete Snooze Mr.

The Hardy Boys 1956 Mystery of the Applegate Treasure (all 19 episodes)

Hardy, Frank and Joe are hired to locate a fortune in gold bars stolen from the Wakefield mint. Through the course of the book they travel to Zurich, Switzerland and the jungles of Mexico.

Hardy Boys 56 - The Jungle Pyramid

This book was absolutely awful. The mystery is boring. Frank and Joe are no closer to solving the case at page than they were when the book began. The reader is "treated" to a bunch of events that have absolutely nothing to do with the mystery such as Frank and Joe skiing in Switzerland and a bunch of boring cliffhangers.

When Frank and Joe finally do solve the mystery, it's not because of brilliant or hard detective work, it's because they follow someone. If they had only done that back on page 25 the reader would be spared a lot of pointless events.


The Hardy Boys: The Jungle Pyramid 56 by Franklin W. Dixon (1976, Hardcover)

The book is poorly titled because the jungle pyramid has nothing to do with the case on which they are working. And now their lives are in danger. Customer Reviews. See all reviews.

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