Improving the Planning and Management of U.S. Army Security Cooperation

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Our objective is to support our Member States and to cooperate with European and international organisations to improve network performance by balancing the needs of civil aviation with those of national security and defence. We do this using:. Currently, we are working on enhancing and harmonising FUA, moving from a national to a network perspective, while using available system support.

Aviation is being modernised with new technologies and higher levels of automation and connectivity. We offer specific civil-military CNS technical expertise for improving civil-military CNS interoperability and integrating military requirements in all CNS developments, including rulemaking, research and deployment. We develop technical solutions to optimise airborne equipage and infrastructure to seamlessly accommodate military flights at reduced cost. Our work covers a wide range of CNS, spectrum and data processing domains where civil-military coordination is required.

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In particular, we progress technical work to address civil-military interoperability challenges in important CNS domains. Doing all this requires dual use CNS concepts and performance-based certification PBC or performance equivalence for military aircraft. In addition, we cooperate with NM in the management of scarce resources, like transponder codes and radio frequencies. We are developing the SWIM green profile to enhance secure civil-military connectivity with civil data exchange systems, as well as CNS solutions to optimise the reuse of existing military capabilities and to reduce the need for exemptions.

We contribute towards the development and integration of technologies and resources for a single operating environment, meeting all performance criteria for military and civil users. We also contribute to civil aviation security, national security, defence and law enforcement. We support international collaboration and help with ATM security implementation and training to States, stakeholders and international organisations.

Individual support is also made available to States and stakeholders to implement key civil-military coordination initiatives aimed at increasing airspace capacity, flight efficiency and military mission effectiveness in Europe. In cooperation with our military partners, we analyse potential impacts on the military. For more information on their activities and responsibilities, see our advisory and consultative groups section.

DOD Security Cooperation: An Overview of Authorities and Issues -

Our research is conducted according to the principles of: interoperability; information sharing; collaborative decision-making; performance equivalence. In cooperation with the Network Manager, we have developed: the mission trajectory concept; dynamic mobile areas; an improved operational air traffic OAT flight plan to support the advanced flexible use of airspace AFUA.

More info. Advanced flexible use of airspace.

Airborne collision avoidance system. Dual use CNS. Dual use communication, navigation and surveillance approach. Free route airspace.