Never Enough: The Story of the Cure

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Those two early incidents, and other deviant behaviour of the musical and non-musical variety, are revealed in Never Enough - The Story of The Cure , the meandering soap opera of one of modern music's most enduring bands. The Cure story has it all: drugs, band break-ups, bullying, lawsuits, superstardom, and then of course the diverse musical tangents Smith has taken the band along over the years.

Author Jeff Apter is thorough, be he outlining Smith's control-freak tendencies; tracking the bands progression from post-punk amateurs to their drugged-up gothic period that culminated in the eternally dour Pornography album from ; and on to the light-hearted pop of Let's Go To Bed. In typical dismissive Smith fashion, he labels that track a demented and calculated song he wrote as a reaction to people's presumption he was depressing and pessimistic.

However, sometimes Apter is annoyingly thorough. He inserts mini biographies of bands like Joy Division and the Buzzcocks when it's not necessary and he repeats things, such as how band co-founder Laurence Lol Tolhurst was the band's whipping boy. Those gripes aside, Apter's interviews with past band members and The Cure contemporaries, of which there are many, offer a juicy look at the turbulent times in The Cure's history. Smith comes across as not the dark, cuddly goth idol many fans probably think he is. The court case between Tolhurst and The Cure, over unfair division of recording profits, is also well documented.

In short, Tolhurst, an alcoholic who left the band in , lost the case. However, it's the former Cure drummer and keyboardist who comes off best from Never Enough. He was often maligned, yet Apter's interviews with him reveal a likeable chap who remembers his time in The Cure mostly with fondness. It's Tolhurst who provides the most intriguing insight into the history of this band. The Cure have cocaine, fisticuffs and longevity in common with Iggy Pop but it's fair to say the punk pioneers life is far more dangerous than anything the Brits got up to. There's seemingly not much more to know about Pop.

We've heard and read it all. Well, all the wild and reckless stories anyway. And many of these like when Iggy took on a biker gang in Detroit, or the time he did number twos on stage, or his legendary penis are retold here. But Paul Trynka's biography looks beyond those stories to details such as Pop's golfing prowess; his battle with drug abuse; his treatment for bipolar disorder; and the real story behind the creation of the first three classic Stooges albums, The Stooges, Fun House and Raw Power. Add to this his sexual shenanigans, his relationships with people like David Bowie and Nico, from Velvet Underground, and his unhinged live performances, and Pop has had one of the most colourful yet troubled lives of any musician of our time.

Trynka is a fan of Pop but not a Stooges sycophant. Not only does he point out that Pop could be a nasty bit of work at times, he's honest about his many dodgy albums like Instinct dull corporate rock. Despite the attention to detail music geeks love, the story of one of music's few great wild men remains compelling. Both these books are good reads even for non-fans. The gothic, drug-fuelled soap opera of The Cure is intriguing and Iggy's crazy life makes Open Up and Bleed a ripping good yarn.

One things for sure, both are recommended for music fans and depending on who you're into, they are essential reading for Iggy and The Cure devotees.

Never Enough: The Story Of The Cure

New Zealand Herald. When my dog didn't take no from an answer from smaller dogs at the dog park I walked away whistling.

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Not my dog. I don't know this Jeff Apter guy. He is dead to me.

But first my review and then I'll whistle. I should have gone with a different whistling analogy. I can't stand tuneless whistling that sounds like it's the tv static noise to fill in the space for a person who bores the heck out of you who had been thinking some full-filling stuff yourself before they started torturing you with the shrill noise.

I don't get the point of Never Enough as a biography of The Cure any more than I understand people who have to stand right beside me and whistle something that isn't even a song because they don't know what else to do. Why does this exist? Since as a little girl I discovered the band on an episode of Beavis and Butt-head I will now make my catatonic what the hey face.

I feel dumber and dirtier and on a couch eating stale nachos. Hey, what the hey? My apologies to anyone if my mouth frothing hit those in the front row. Oh yeah, I read this because I didn't know what else to do. I was too tired to concentrate on much and blah blah I found music trivia soothing a long time ago and return to this method again and again despite that it doesn't work anymore.

The Beatles Anthology was a long time ago. It isn't going to happen for me. I won't be able to tell myself stories about German fans staring at the boys while they are sweating night after night. Something good that happened once isn't happening right now as if I'm in a tv episode about a time traveler. Blah blah blah some stuff culled from ancient official Cure website press material blah blah maybe some s official biography Ten Imaginary Years that I remembered as if I had read it yesterday and not when I was twelve blah blah blah Robert Smith talked a lot of poop and then he talked more poop to contradict the poop that he had already pooped.

I remember one it doesn't appear in this book that he bought a diary farm because he loved to drink milk so much.

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Nothing as good as the yarns spooled by Tom Waits when he sits down at the live needle. Last year I read a biography on Waits The Wild Years that respected his privacy and took the Virginia Woolf truth in lies I like this version of truths myself approach. The book was not the Tom Waits book of my dreams because it didn't transform me into the kind of person who is so comfortable in themselves that to live in imagination and reality to support the other is possible.

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I can't live without the fantasy and I will probably try to distract myself with shitty music books instead of making real life steps to fix anything. I want to be Tom Waits and survive in both.

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  8. But it is unfair to expect that from a book. I'm sorry to Jay S. Wilds for that vicious review that I wrote on his book last year.

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    He's probably forgiven me by now. In the year this song came out it meant That has nothing to do with The Cure. There's an entire chapter on the forgettable South Park episode featuring Robert Smith. This time Robert Smith treated everyone to rounds of booze!


    Mary Poole Smith's childhood sweetheart and wife commandeered a bar! Lol Tolhurst pretended he was Boy George for hours and hours and hours and it was an ensuing riot of belly laughs. Apter is probably the most annoying any time he drools over stupid parties and when stupid Melissa Der Auf Maur announced them at some stupid MTV function when they awarded them.

    MTV actually seems to matter in the world this books is set in. It's all about the hits, the pop making machine. The glitz got in my eye. But did you know that if you love music you're a psychotic freak? Sometimes it's all important to be greeted by screams in Brazil and then the fans are assholes for cheering in a stadium for some later show. Oh my god Wild Mood Swings wasn't as big of a hit as expected because it wasn't a good record. But the fans were driving him to death! In this book Robert Smith writes music to say fudge off to the fans. I'm gonna write a poppy Let's go to Bed because I don't like that people liked the earlier albums Faith, Pornography and Seventeen Seconds.

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    7. But later I'm gonna write gloomier songs because Wish was too popular and I wanna chase off the come-lately fans. What is this stuff? At one point Apter belittles the fans who were disappointed to have to purchase two back lot albums they already owned to have access to a new release of live songs Entreat.

      Never Enough: The Story of The Cure by Jeff Apter - Read Online

      What monsters! As Smith did his best to soothe the savage Cure fan I remember some of how this stuff went down and I recall that Smith's complaints were directed to journalists Hey, Apter? Why would you write music with the sole purpose of driving away people who you thought liked you for the wrong reasons? To keep people off guard? And then later turn around and say you want to chase off these newer people and it was the older people you loved all along. I would say that the book should have been about the music. But not written by Apter.

      His musical insight is as if he walked into a room and could only see that the lights were off. He would walk into another room and say the same thing. He wouldn't stay and he wouldn't leave. There would be a hallway stretching past the eye could see and for him it would be nothing because he was blind. Or maybe someone would uncork a bottle of champagne and he could write about how neat that was.

      Hey, Robert Smith wanted an expensive sports car for his wife. I'm rolling my eyes. It makes a sound in the dark like an audible sigh. When I was seventeen I read a Robert Smith quote that music didn't mean anything after you were seventeen years old. I remember thinking that was dog poop. It was probably a thing to run the mouth off about because someone was listening to you or you had to fill some noise. If you play three hour shows, play the old albums in their entirety in one night, you sing it like you still mean it.

      That music doesn't bleed out of you on the clicking of a tock. Unless you are listening for only that sound, the line drawn at the end sound. I don't like these angles.