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Fifty years of obsidian hydration dating in archaeology

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Table Na2O Results and discussion CaO 4. Full compositional data are presented in Notes: 1. Mean for all 29 samples. K2O versus MgO 3. The compo- levels to the final glass. The connection between alkali sition of plant ashes vary substantially with plant sources and composition of final glasses is described species, area of growth, season of collection, firing in some detail in standard works on ancient glass conditions, and post-firing processing.

Despite vari- e.

K2O and MgO. On the other hand, sitional profiles are presented in appendix A. Figures the natron family of alkali sources raw materials As a matter of fact, there is no need to choose and MgO 0. Roughly speaking, between the two temporal periods if we accept a the differentiation reflects the fact that the bulk of transition period of some generations, especially the samples from Rhodes corresponds to the tempo- when all glass-making centers are considered collec- ral end of a compositional plant ash—using MEEM tively.

Local adoption of the natron route can vary, tradition originating from Late Bronze Age, while and variations can be related to the accessibility of the samples from Thebes come from the follow-up, natron and the composition of plant ash used previ- natron-based, compositional tradition Sayre and ously; the latter can vary widely Barkoudah and Smith ; Henderson Henderson Ashes compositionally closer to Out of the 70 samples from Rhodes, there are natron might make the transition easier.

In MEEM 3 R33, R53, and R69 that originate clearly from a lands, natron was available primarily through batch that was exclusively, or at least largely, based Egypt, but various other potential ancient sources on natron-type material. In addition, a largely mixed are known. Sample R42 might also reflect are listed in ancient literature Pliny, XXXI—; substantial contributions from both types of alkali Dioscurides, E. The use of sources, and a more strict screening will undoubt- natron persists during Roman Liritzis et al. Still, it remains clear that our R1—R70 reintroduced around the eighth—ninth century AD group of samples is predominantly glass-based on Henderson The access might have been first as crude guidelines Sayre and Smith for pre- ensured in the late seventh century BC, beginning natron glass.


The small center at its early stage of handling a natron-based difference alone is hardly an important one, but it alkali source. Whatever the case might be, dim sig- might be significant that almost one-third of our 29 nals for the new glass-composition era are captured samples from Thebes exhibit a K2O content higher in the analyzed samples. The K2O maximum for the natron-based tra- later occurrence in the seventh—sixth century BC dition was raised in later works to 1.

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A deceptive generalized trend for a coarse proportionality and a reason- able scattering between K2O and MgO contents might be considered for mainland and Aegean Greece from Archaic to Hellenistic times. K2O versus MgO. Same data as in Figure 3a but the contours approximated by ellipses for the data of four groups are indicated. For addi- tional precision, two compositional distinct subgroups of the Rhodian group are traced separately. If the long axis of each ellipse is taken as indicative of the overall direction of the data of the corresponding group, only Rh 7a exhibits a direction comp arable to that of all data taken together.

In some cases certain shells sion of the natron-based tradition with decipher- and ashes from specific land plants and algae might able specifics; as suggested in a later section 3. The latter the K2O of our samples from Thebes largely derives materials also contribute CaO, usually at comparable from deliberate additions of small amounts of or larger levels on a weight basis.

Metal oxide MO alum-type material. Compositions of raw materials We now plot K2O versus MgO data in two ways gathered by Brill allow for a detailed consider- figures In the case of samples from of ancient glasses that have appeared in the litera- Thebes, it is apparent that the sources of CaO and ture. Our data for Rhodes and Thebes, and the pub- MgO are largely unrelated, that is, the two compo- lished data from Rhodes, are plotted in the same nents come neither from the same raw material nor graph figure All the data are considered to from interchangeable raw material sources.

These be a representative sample of mainland and Aegean Thebian glasses have CaO as the main alkaline earth Greek glasses from the Archaic to Hellenistic oxide, while MgO is a minor component.