Samir Amin: Pioneer of the Rise of the South

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He did not write a brief for autarky. Instead, he argued for countries to develop their productive systems according to a popular law of value and through popular participation. They would decide how much industry, how much agriculture, and what techniques ought to be used in each sector.

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In this way, rather than peripheries passively accepting the adjustments imposed by the capitalist core, they would decide on the shape and pattern of their relationship to the world trading system. The core would adjust to the periphery rather than the periphery adjusting to the core. The Bandung moment, the Rise of the South, was a political mooring point. Although he was acutely aware from direct study of the limits and constraints of post-colonial developmentalism, he was equally aware as he saw unfolding in front of his eyes a movement towards the re-assertion of the sovereignty and dignity of the Third World after the calamity of colonialism.

Amin looked askance on one after another fad emerging from the intellectual factories of the First World, especially the post-USSR negation of the category of imperialism.

Samir Amin

Amin saw imperialism alive if not exactly well, and its underbelly, a shapeshifting process of primitive accumulation and folding peripheral workers into the law of value, equally omnipresent. In Dakar he was in constant exchange with radical economists and the luminaries of the left, in Africa and elsewhere. In the Middle East he was a touchstone of debates on independent development, and in the Maghreb his work was central to studies of dependency.

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The core of Samir Amin’s politics

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Samir Amin: Pioneer of the Rise of the South (SpringerBriefs on Pioneers in Science and Practice)

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Hence, political Islam aligns itself in general with capitalism and imperialism, without providing the working classes with an effective and non-reactionary method of struggle against their exploitation. It is important to note, however, that Amin was careful to distinguish his analysis of political Islam from islamophobia , thus remaining sensitive to the anti-Muslim attitudes that currently affect Western Society.

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Samir Amin was one of the advocates of Marxian dependency theory. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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