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Contact Us. The fact that two completely different instruments on two different missions found nearly identical results suggests that the low resolution, uncollimated LP and LEND maps are currently the best reflection of reality we have.

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These uncollimated data most likely will remain the polar hydrogen maps of choice by working lunar scientists. Continue or Give a Gift. Daily Planet. Flight Today.

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Enter your email address. Rubin vehemently objects to the findings and the decision, his lawyer says, and is filing an appeal. All sides say the order has created tense and difficult working conditions. And the dispute has left bystanders wondering how a conflict between a mentor and his student spiraled so dramatically out of control, jeopardizing the reputation of a prominent scientist and an elite research university, along with the future of a promising young scientist.

A Scientific Dispute

It was a plum position. Before joining the Harvard faculty in , Rubin was chief scientific officer at Curis, where his group pinpointed the first small molecule regulators of a key signaling pathway involved in cancer, resulting in a now-approved cancer drug. The lab recently identified a protein that appears to reverse some of the effects of aging.

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But he began clashing with some co-workers. In January , a postdoctoral researcher reported that German asked her to perform a tedious task, which she believed was disrespectful, leading to a dispute. She stated in her affidavit that she began locking her computer, and even rinsing out her coffee mug, worried that German might spike it with chemicals.

In April, after lab members informed Rubin of their concerns, Rubin and German attended a meeting with an ombudsperson in an effort to reduce tensions. Then, on 4 May , university officials responsible for scientific integrity informed Rubin that someone had filed a misconduct complaint against him. It alleged that Rubin and two co-authors had knowingly published fabricated data in a paper in Cell Stem Cell that focused on how certain gene mutations might contribute to SMA.

The whistleblower alleged one author had fabricated four of six data points showing that a particular compound had a statistically significant benefit in protecting motor neurons, and that Rubin had moved ahead with publication even after being alerted to the alleged fabrication by another member of his laboratory.

The whistleblower was anonymous, but in an affidavit Rubin said he suspected it was German. As the investigation continued, lab members continued to raise concerns about German, and Harvard officials had more meetings and discussions seeking to iron out the problems. In the third week of May, however, German stopped appearing at the lab.

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In emails and texts, he assured several acquaintances that he was fine. In an affidavit, Rubin stated that on 3 June he contacted Harvard officials and voiced his concerns, including that German might be entering the lab at night. Worried, Rubin suggested Harvard officials seek advice from a mental health professional.