Sloane’s new bicycle maintenance manual

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Bicycle Maintenance Manual

My interest in bicycling as an adult began in when I started a two-mile daily commute on a Sears three-speed bike. Sloane — Soon thereafter an interview of him on national TV confirmed my determination to use his book as the guide to all aspects of cycling. His qualifications were persuasive: a life-long interest in things mechanical and his career as writer, editor, and public relations expert.

Furthermore, he had already become an aggressive cyclist, commuting to his work year-round, first in Detroit and later in Chicago close to 25 miles each way.

Bicycle Maintenance Manual

He had started cycling for health reasons after giving up smoking. While riding to work one morning on his three-speed bike, someone on a drop-handlebar, ten-speed bike had swept past him. Mike was turning 14 when we came across this book. Although other books have been published on cycling and many changes in technology and riding disciplines have occurred during the forty-five years since his first book came out, I still think of Gene Sloane as my mentor.

That same year I reread The Complete Book and wrote a thirteen-page essay, Bicycling by the Book describing its role in shaping my continuing passion as an adult cyclist, later publishing it on my blog.

Ten Ways To Refresh Your Mountain Bike - GMBN’s Guide To MTB Maintenance

Still in print, this page book is a comprehensive guide to all things related to cycling. Although many details are now outdated, the over-all guidance for buying and riding bicycles is still useful.

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He continued to ride until he was in his late 80s, and then had to give up cycling because macular degeneration and other challenges brought on by aging made cycling too dangerous. As an octogenarian cyclist, I am increasingly aware of the effects of aging upon my cycling abilities and interests.

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Sloane New York: Trident On Memorial Day , my son Mike and I drove four miles from our home on the north side of Indianapolis to the Glendale Shopping Center to buy a book on bicycle repair. Having done that kind of work on my own Schwinn when I was in grade school, I figured that with a little help from a repair manual, I ought to be able to do it again.

With Mike looking over my shoulder, I thumbed through the front part of the book, surprised that this much could be written about bicycles. The lucidity of the text was augmented by illustrations, charts, and tables. We bought the book and during the next couple of weeks, Mike and I read with voracious interest. In professorial fashion, I worked my way through from beginning to end, while Mike flopped down on the living room floor by night, reading a chunk here and another there until he knew the book as well as I did. Sort order.


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