Software Testing and Continuous Quality Improvement

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Building on the success of previous editions, the text explains testing in a Service Orientated Architecture SOA environment, the building blocks of a Testing Center of Excellence COE , and how to test in an agile development. Fully updated, the sections on test effort estimation provide greater emphasis on testing metrics. The book also examines all aspects of functional testing and looks at the relation between changing business strategies and changes to applications in development.

All IT organizations face software testing issues, but most are unprepared to manage them. Software Testing and Continuous Quality Improvement, Third Edition is enhanced with an up-to-date listing of free software tools and a question-and-answer checklist for choosing the best tools for your organization. It equips you with everything you need to effectively address testing issues in the most beneficial way for your business. Cloud Computing For Dummies. Robin Bloor. IT Architecture For Dummies. Susan L.

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Software Testing and Continuous Quality Improvement Second Edition

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Since this approach is inadequate for many systems, tools and processes are being developed to improve software quality by increasing user participation in the QA process. A limitation of these approaches is that they focus on isolated mechanisms, not on the coordination and control policies and tools needed to make the global QA process efficient, effective, and scalable.

Software Testing and Continuous Quality Improvement - CRC Press Book

To address these issues, we have initiated the Skoll project, which is developing and validating novel software QA processes and tools that leverage the extensive computing resources of worldwide user communities in a distributed, continuous manner to significantly and rapidly improve software quality. This paper provides several contributions to the study of distributed continuous QA. First, it illustrates the structure and functionality of a generic around-the-world, around-the-clock QA process and describes several sophisticated tools that support this process.

Second, it describes several QA scenarios built using these tools and process.