The Case for Classical Christian Education

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Case For Classical Christian Education

America's schools are flunking the test. Student's can't read. They can't write.

Below you will find some resources that we have found helpful.

Basic math, science, history, and geography are almost lost causes. Many schools aren't even safe havens from crime and drugs. Douglas Wilson lays much of the blame for this on the idea that schools can be neutral about morality. He says education is essentially religious.

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Education deals with the basic questions of life, and those questions require religious answers. Learning to read and write gives people the tools to ask and answer such questions. But our schools fail even in this basic task. Building upon his previous book, Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning , he says we must turn to classical Christian education with its emphasis on the ancient division of learning geared to childhood development.

While a small "book", it is power packed.

It addresses everything from your worldview to getting started in the process of "re" educating yourself in preparation for homeschooling using the classical method. If you are considering whether or not you want to use the method or want to get your method on track, this book is perfect. Dabney was one of the most remarkable men of 19th Century America. He was a preacher, theologian, poet, and essayist.

When he wrote this short pamphlet, public education in America was still in its infancy. After reading what he wrote at that time, modern Christians will marvel at his insights and acknowledge that he had a prophetic voice as well. Recovering the Lost Tools of Education by Douglas WIlson This book is credited with launching the classical Christian school movement and is outstanding.


The Case for Athletics in Classical Christian Education

Wilson presents excellent information about the unfortunate educational and moral decay of our public school system. His argument for classical education is convincing, as parents make few choices more important than how to educate their children. Repairing the Ruins by Douglas WIlson This is an excellent volume of essays by various authors presenting the philosophy and practical "how to's" of classical Christian education.

Anyone interested in recovering excellence in education will benefit from reading this book. Wilson clearly demonstrates the need for Christians to return to their God given duty to train up their children in the ways of God in order to have a biblical worldview. What he says is profound and enlightening, and he expresses it in a logical way that will cause you to think deeply about education.

The Seven Laws of Teaching by John Milton Gregory This classic work first published in is mandatory reading for Rockbridge teachers, should be part of the curriculum for all schools training teachers. That it is still being reprinted the 10th printing was in is a testimony to the timeless value of the author's Biblical wisdom contained within its pages. There are times when the old ways are the best ways and this book is one of those.

Of note, this book isn't just for the teaching profession: it is also an excellent training manual for pastors, Bible teachers and Sunday school teachers. It is written so that parents can understand it and begin to identify and search out the strengths of both their children and themselves. No matter what learning style your child may have Age of Opportunity - A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens by Paul David Tripp Tripp doesn't pull any punches in this outstanding book that challenges parents to be more deliberate and intentional about their parenting.

The primary emphasis of the book is getting through to parents that raising children is not about how they look, how well they score on some standardized test, or how many touchdowns they score, but ultimately if they have a heart for God. Tripp first deals with the perspective of parents on this issue refocusing them on what is really important, and then he dives in to encourage parents to pursue their teens and accept this stage of parenting as a God-given opportunity instead of dreading it and working to avoid it at all costs.

One theme constantly running through Age of Opportunity is the emphasis given to conversation - parents making the effort to talk with their children. This is an outstanding, easy-to-read, biblically sound, challenging and encouraging book. Other parenting books are full of tricks. This book is full of the Bible. For those who want to know more about how to train and teach your children through a variety of Biblical practical tools, this book is excellent.

It is very insightful and shows a parent how to teach and love their children the right way. It takes an uncommonly Biblical approach, leading one through a process designed to foster reconciliation, to God's glory. One is instructed in ways to "get the log out of your eye"; to "go and show your brother his faults," and to "go and be reconciled.

Sande continually reminds his readers that conflict is a great opportunity to see the Gospel lived out in radical ways. This must be the focus of all peacemaking: "whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God" I Cor. Soundly biblical, this book is also practical, without using formulas and is used by Rockbridge Academy at New Teacher Training.

Why Classical Christian Education?

There are, however, biblical principles we can apply to the problem of bitterness. This small booklet contains some of those principles. The book contains a set of several short essays directly or closely related to the theme of bitterness. The first essay is the centerpiece and worth far more than the price of this book.

Wilson goes in to a careful analysis of what bitterness is, how to detect it, how it affects us, how the non-Christian world deals with it ineffectively , and how Christians are to respond. Other essays deal with related topics, especially bitterness toward parents.

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It is clearly written and gives clear and practical guidance for dealing with bitterness based on Scripture. This long-time favorite encourages Christian parents to read to their children and gives specific recommendations. It includes both classic and current literature and provides recommendations for babies and children up through age